Experience and activities of the Nursery

Here are some examples of activities that engage the little ones of the Nursery every day.

Ø  Transfer activity
The child, while they play “decanting”, makes the first experience on the quality of the objects and on how the materials behave when they are related to each other. Playing decanting they experience the so-called fine motility, or the competence related to the movements of the hand and wrist.

Ø  Basket of treasures
Inside a wicker basket or other natural material are contained objects of various nature, shape and colour that the child discovers with little hands and mouth.

Ø  Single-purpose baskets
Wicker baskets containing objects of different materials (wood, steel, fabrics, cardboard) that give different sensations to the touch and produce different sounds.

Ø  Sensory bottles
These are small, transparent and non-transparent bottles or plastic containers in which to place different types of materials. The sensory bottles must remain closed with a cap so that the child can turn over, observing what is inside and shaking them to hear the sounds.

Ø  Inside / Outside
This game consists in providing children with tin containers with a slit on the lid and baby food caps. The aim of the game is to insert the caps into the jar and the purpose is to fine-tune the oculo-manual coordination and the discovery of the child in observing that the objects disappear and reappear once the jar has been opened

Ø  Tactile panels
They are wooden panels of the size 40 × 4, glued to the wall or offered to children on the ground. On each panel are attached different recovery materials (clothes pegs, hinges, wool pompoms, cork stoppers, different fabrics, teats, caps, nut shells, curlers), well fixed

Ø  Sound rattles
It consists of a wicker basket, which contains rattles of different types, e.g. maracas, rattles with little bells, of different material, mainly natural. Children have fun experimenting with the different sounds they produce.

Ø  Psychomotricity
The corner of motility has the function of creating a play area where children can find educational material useful for the development of their psychomotor skills.

Ø  Symbolic game
In the symbolic game the child imitates what happens in reality: objects, actions, present situations are used as symbols to represent something that is not present but that can be imagined. A nursery corner is set up in the Nursery where the children have at their disposal a kitchen and a small nursery.

Ø  Lair
Structure made of natural wood externally coloured and enriched inside with a soft mattress, curtains and with many tactile panels. Its height allows you to walk in and crawl for the little ones. The particularity? Being a secluded corner where you can be alone 🙂

Ø  Graphic-pictorial activity
Children have a lot of fun in “leaving their mark”. Brushes, pencils, markers to use on the table, on the wall and on the ground. Children can use them to express their imagination.

Ø  Dirty activity
Poster paint and shaving foam children can get dirty with, knowing and transforming the material through the use of the body. After this first phase, instruments such as bowls, rollers, brushes and sponges are also proposed.



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