English language strengthening lab – Hocus & Lotus

The Hocus & Lotus educational-linguistic programme originates from the studies started 35 years ago by the team of Prof. Traute Taeschner, professor of Psychology of the Development of Language and Communication at Sapienza University in Rome. The Magic Lesson takes place in 6 steps, passing from acting, to mini-musical, reading the book and finally to the vision of the only glottodidactic cartoon, specifically designed so that learning is 360° and involves all the learning channels (auditory, visual and kinaesthetic).

The Magic Teachers who implement the method must demonstrate that they already know the language they choose to teach, through an aptitude and linguistic interview, and engage in 1,500 hours of theoretical and practical study at university level for a total of 3 years of training involving passing 3 exams, both theoretical and practical.

So that the child learns English immediately and with joy, families are asked to spend a minimum of 5 minutes a day to represent at home, through the use of educational material, the stories that the child learns at school with the Magic Teacher. This linguistic enhancement proposal is made in the awareness that to learn a language easily and naturally it is fundamental that language learning takes place from the first years of life.

Aimed at: Nursery – Toddlers school section – first year Kindergarten (during school hours) – second and third year Kindergarten (extracurricular time)



SCHOOL Nursery – Toddlers school – Kindergarten
TYPE Curricular for a fee and extra curricular